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Amos Abbott appears in at least 98 genealogy books

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The American genealogical index, Vol. 4

History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton counties, Pennsylvania : with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its pioneers and prominent men.

Lineage book of the charter members of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Vol. 138

Centennial history of Norway, Oxford County, Maine, 1786-1886, including an account of the early grants and purchases, sketches of the grantees, early settlers, and prominent residents, etc., with genealogical registers, and an appendix

The American genealogical index, Vol. 25

Genealogical and family history of the state of New Hampshire : a record of the achievements of her people in the making of a commonwealth and the founding of a nation, vol. 1

The American genealogical index, Vol. 8

The New Hampshire register and United States calendar

History of Bedford and Somerset counties, Pennsylvania : with genealogical and personal history, Vol. 01

Municipal history of Essex County in Massachusetts : a classified work, devoted to the county's remarkable growth in all line s of human endeavor; more especially to within a period of fifty years V.2

History of Littleton, New Hampshire; Vol. 01

New England in the life of the world; a record of adventure and achievement

Lineage book V. 31

Lineage book V. 110

History of the city of Toledo and Lucas County, Ohio, Vol. 2

Hodge genealogy from the first of the name in this country to the present time : with a number of allied families and many historical facts

Gazetteer of Cheshire County, N.H., 1736-1885

Annual report, 1900-1908

History of Berkshire County, Massachusetts : with biographical sketches of its prominent men

Alphabetical general index to public library sets of 85,271 names of Michigan soldiers and sailors individual records

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