American Ad in Genealogy Books

American Ad appears in at least 35 genealogy books

Here are the top genealogy books for American Ad

American women; the standard biographical dictionary of notable women

The New England business directory and gazetteer

Who's who in America - v. 8 (1914-1915)

The New England business directory and gazetteer

Handbook of American genealogy; v. 4

The monitor guide to post offices and railroad stations in the United States and Canada

The Dictionary of national biography; Vol. 14

Stagecoach Library for Genealogical Research : [catalog]

Public papers of the Presidents of the United States--Harry S. Truman : containing the public messages, speeches, and statements of the President; 1951

The history of the rise, progress, and establishment of the independence of the United States of America : including an account of the late war and of the thirteen colonies, from their origin to that period. By William Gordon, D.D. [One line from Horace's Epistles] Vol. I[-III]; v. 03

American library directory : A classified list of libraries, with names of librarians and statistical data, compiled biennially

Caldwell (Canyon County, Idaho) city directory : contains buyers' guide and a complete classified business directory - 1975

Herringshaw's national library of American biography : contains thirty-five thousand biographies of the acknowledged leaders of life and thought of the United States; v. 1

Kentucky women remembered : biographical sketches of women who have contributed to Kentucky history

The National dean's list - 3rd ed. (1979/80)

The American historical review

Encyclopedia of American biography. New Series, Vol. 31

Kansas City, Kansas, city directory - 1988

Who's who in New York City and State

Herringshaw's encyclopedia of American biography of the nineteenth century

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