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Descendants of Edward Pate

English ancestry

Le traducteur franc?ois;

General Catalogue of officers and students, 1837-1911

Lesicon roma?nescu-la?tinescu-ungurescu-nemt?escu, quare de mai multi autori, in cursul' a trideci, s?i mai multoru ani s' au lucratu; seu, Lexicon Valachico-Latino-Hungarico-Germanicum, quod a pluribus auctoribus decursu triginta et amplius annorum elaboratum est

Onondaga County cemetery inscriptions

Davis family surnames in Massachusetts from earliest recordings to 1850; no. 27

Annual report of the town officers of the town of Plymouth, Massachusetts for the year ending ..

Oseas e Lydia - Cartas de um amor a dist?ncia : Oseas and Lydia - Letters of a love from a distance

The Morris family of Philadelphia : descendants of Anthony Morris, born 1654-1712 died, v. 3

Marjorie Stewart Tucker genealogical collection : Byars family, generation VII-VIII

Head-Lines of Bromwell, Bramall, Brummell, Bromel, Bramhall, Bromhall families of England : from notes collected in London

Fontes rerum Austriacarum. 2. Abt. Diplomataria et acta

Pantheon maranhense; ensaios biographicos dos maranhenses illustres já fallecidos

[Kenneth & Gertrude Avonia Viehweg Todd genealogical collection] : with additional record by Jennie Lea Todd : Missionary journal of Gertrude Avonia Viehweg Todd, 1975-1977

The Eastern Cherokees

"Williamston Enterprise newspapers : pt. 1. May 19, 1886 thru May 4, 1892"

[Imogene G. Blatchley genealogical collection] : Family history materials regarding Marjorie Caroline Blatchley (1899-1990), Jeannette Augusta Blatchley (1901-1926) and Melbourne Warren Blatchley (1909-1994)

Registers of Danish estate probates, Svendborg county

Encyclopedia of American biography. New Series, Vol. 25

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