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Registrum Ade de Orleton, Episcopi Herefordensis A.D. MCCCXVII-MCCCXXVII / transcribed and edited, with an intro. by A. T. Bannister

History of Newcastle and Gateshead, Vol. 1

Calendar of the justiciary rolls, or, Proceedings in the Court of the justiciar of Ireland preserved in the Public record office of Ireland ..

The book of the abbot of Combermere, 1289 to 1529 : translated from the original mss. in the possession of Lord Combermere, of Combermere abbey, Cheshire

Materials for the history of the Church of Lancaster, Vol. 26

Common versions of American names and foreign derivatives

Paris under the commune : or, the seventy-three days of the second siege : with numerous illustrations, sketches taken on the spot, and portraits (from the original photographs)

Newton County, Indiana index of names of persons and of firms

Court rolls of the borough of Colchester

The register of the priory of St. Bees

Archaic England, an essay in deciphering prehistory from megalithic monuments, earthworks, customs, coins, placenames, and faeric superstitions

The Register of the Priory of St. Bees

Bedfordshire notes and queries

The registers of Berwick-upon-Tweed in the county of Northumberland : baptisms, 1574-1700; marriages, 1572-1700; Vol. 11


Merritt and allied familes [of] New York

Kelly's handbook of distinguished people

Hartford times : newspaper queries 1937-1946; Vol .19

The genealogical history of the Gallup family in the United States : also biographical sketches of members of the family

Transactions of the Shropshire Archaeological and Natural History Society

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